what we can do

  • Brand strategy & brand development

  • Graphic design 
    Books & Catalogues, Company Portfolios, Leaflets & Flyers, Posters & Large ads, Brand Stationery, Signs, Labels & Packaging 


  • Illustration
    Product and Brand Illustration, Book Illustration, Icons & Icon Sets, Infographics & Charts


  • Innovation & Growth hacking
    Brand Innovation, Product & Service Innovation, Campaign & Launch Strategy, Think Tank Services


  • Wix based websites & webshops
    Design and development for websites on the WIX platform. 


graphic design services

Get everything you need and more, through a monthly package deal specifically tailored to your company.  Plan ahead and outsource graphic design for a fixed rate.  Spend less time with requests, since we will know and understand your goals and we will keep under control your brand's visual elements. 



540090, Avram Iancu 62,

Târgu Mureș, RO

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