There are three responses to a piece of design

– yes, no & WOW!


We believe in the power of a well developed brand that captures a great story.

We believe that all entrepreneurs are invested in their brands and there is a need for good graphic design services.

We are dedicated to help local businesses grow through our services, resources and creative support.


Timea Paál

Managing Director

Chocolate, Colorful, Geek, Rosé, Vivid, Star Trek, Organic tea, Black&White, Gardening, Pink Floyd, Gadgets, Hayao Miyazaki

Dániel Butiulca

Graphic Designer

Travel, Food, Cats, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, F1, Space, Tech, Tattoos


Currently we have no open positions available. But we always have room for a unicorn.

Send us your portfolio and a few thoughts.



We aim to help local businesses grow by our services, resources and creative support.


We aim to inspire, entertain, educate, and inform others through creating original content and creativity. 


We aim to initiate and support innovation and change, through our creativity.


We aim to deliver well thought and quality creative services that serve well their intended purpose.


We aim to have a contribution through our work in improving the standard of graphic design around the globe.


Our partners in social media projects,  and content marketing. They know their stuff, they are very hard workers and detail oriented.  We Like.

We are picky about the printing. They provide high quality digital printing services that we can't pick on.

We recommend. 


540090, Avram Iancu 62,

Târgu Mureș, RO

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