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M&Co Group


brand development *

services catalogue design

folder design

roll-up design

team-building brochures

webdesign *

logo and website /w Creative Instinkt


M&Co is a company with various subsidiaries, providing services from training, coaching, team-building, HR services and adventure planning both for corporate and individual clients.

It's main services ran under different M&Co brands, with little common features, besides the similar name.

Their new logo and website concepts were jointly developed with Creative Instinkt, and responded to their need to match their many brands through a more coherent visual language. Visually, they wished to distance themselves from the vastly overused corporate stock photography, so we experimented in pairing the already very corporate content with impactful forms from nature, music and architecture. 

Their requests are never conventional, we are always looking forward to the next one.

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